2010 NABT Professional Development Conference
Wednesday, November 3 - Saturday, November 6
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis - Minneapolis, Minnesota

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First Timers  


Welcome! This page is for people who have never attended the Annual NABT Professional Development Conference and would like to know more about it.

General Conference Information

NABT holds an Annual Conference in the fall and locations vary from year to year. The NABT Professional Development Conference draws 1000-1200 attendees from across the country and around the world to this exciting event: dynamic speakers, stimulating sessions, wonderful workshops, and exciting exhibits cover everything from bird flu to bioterrorism, from forensics to fossils.

Here is what some past attendees had to say:

         As a new teacher, [I] appreciate getting ideas from the "trenches" - tried and true activities and strategies that I can begin to implement.

         It is a wonderful convention and I am glad I spent the $ to come!

         Useful vendor exhibits, wonderful talks—Barb Bancroft, especially.

         News ideas, tips for success, networking were all most useful.

First Timers Breakfast

Thursday, October 12, 7:15 AM - 8:15 AM

If this is your first NABT Conference, this is the place to be! We invite you to learn more about the association and the events of the Conference over a complimentary continental breakfast, LEARN some helpful Conference “tips” to make the most of your experience.

Tips for First-Timers

Make sure you pick up your 1st Timers Ribbon at the Conference Registration Desk. 

Conference Registration desk hours

Wednesday, Oct. 12         7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Thursday, Oct. 13             7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Friday, Oct. 14                   7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday, Oct. 15              7:30 AM – 12 Noon

There are concurrent sessions each day which are included in the cost of Conference registration. Special Workshops (ticketed events) will have a seperate cost listed. You will need to sign-up for the Special Workshops in advance.

Exhibit Hall Hours

Thursday, Oct. 13         4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Friday, Oct. 14               10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday, Oct. 15          8:30 AM – 12 Noon

As a First-Timer, make the most of your Conference experience:

MEET your Conference Mentor. Introduce yourself, ask questions.

MEET your Board Members. They are your elected officers. Ask questions about the association and tell them what's on your mind.

MEET Exhibitors. Use the Exhibit Hall as more than a meeting place: Talk to the Exhibitors and learn about their products. Develop relationships with these companies that can help you be a better teacher.

MEET a Local Representative. Where's a good place to buy jewelry? What's the best place for a quick bite to eat? Denver volunteers delight in expounding the virtues of their city. Give them a chance!

MEET a Staff Member. NABT's staff members are there to make your experience a positive one. And it's fun to meet the face that goes with the voice on the telephone.

MEET other First-Timers at the First Timers Breakfast on Thursday, November 4th.

Meet people...
Energize your career ...
Enjoy yourself...
Take home memories!


Anaheim Marriott
700 West Convention Way
Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Marriott

How To Get the Most From The NABT Conference

  • Bring return address labels to easily give information to vendors. Also bring business cards for contacts you made during the conference.
  • Go to the First Timers Breakfast where you will talk with a Conference Mentor. Ask him/her lots of questions.
  • Bring & wear comfortable shoes.
  • Before entering the Exhibit Hall, identify your top interests for scientific resources and discussions prior to exploring the booths.
  • Download the Conference Schedule and study it before you arrive.
  • If you are going with one or two other people, divide and conquer. Have your colleagues help you cover all the sessions you wish to attend.
  • Do something regional.
  • Develop relationships with companies that can help you be a better teacher.
  • Talk to veteran Conference attendees about the can't miss sessions!
  • Please don't pop into a session, grab the presenter's handouts and go to the next session to do the same thing. Hear the presenter out.
  • Write your session notes on single-sided pages, rather than double-sided. This makes it easy to copy them for others when you get home.
  • Use pencil to annotate a presenter's handouts. That way you can erase your notes later if you decide to use a handout verbatim.
  • Shipping is sometimes more convenient than bringing an extra suitcase! (Especially with the airline charges for check-in luggage)
  • Be sure to attend the Town Meeting for the opportunity to interact and meet the board.
  • Fill out the evaluations; your input is critical to our success.