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Type With Me

I just found a really sweet web 2.0 application that could be useful in the classroom.  It’s called Type With Me and it’s basically a real time, live text collaboration tool.  Very simple and easy to use – no sign-up required and it’s free.  You just go to the Type with Me web site, start a new document, and start typing.  You invite others to join you (via email) and whatever they type will show up on the document (in real time) in another color.  You can import a document into Type With Me, and edit it there in the space, live. Once you’ve been at it for awhile, you can save your document, export it, and even play it back (as if it were a movie) using a feature on the site called “timeline”.  There is also a chat area, so that you can have sidebar conversations with the people sharing your workspace that you might not want to appear in the document.

Up to 15 people can join you in your collaborative space – almost a full class.  So, I could imagine groups of students using this to collaborate, real time, on a document.  Or teachers using it in class (projected) to collaborate with someone else, at a distance.  Or teachers collaborating with students at home on a report or a homework assignment.

Any other ideas?

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