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From the AP Biology Listserv:

Kim Foglia awarded the “Advanced Placement Biology Service Award”

On behalf of the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) and the AP Biology Section, I am pleased and honored to announce that Kim Foglia was chosen as the recipient of the “Advanced Placement Biology Service Award” generously sponsored and supported by Pearson.

Kim’s willingness to share her materials, knowledge and insight with teachers everywhere makes her a most worthy recipient of this award. Mention Kim Foglia’s name and biology teachers from all around the United States as well around the world can tell you how they and their students have benefited by Kim’s experience, wise advice and her overwhelming generosity in sharing her curriculum, labs, Power Points, lessons and just about anything else needed to help them to become better teachers.

Many first year teachers of both AP biology and biology feel a sense of relief once they discover Kim’s Website ExploreBiology.com and its accompanying teacher vault. So often the AP teacher stands alone being the only AP biology teacher in the district. By having access to Kim’s resources, teachers feel like they have a coach, a mentor and huge resource of information to help them plan their course and lessons.

As teachers, we are not always aware of the impact we have on our students. I’m sure Kim has no idea of the multitude of students she has positively influenced through her mentoring of teachers on the list serve and her biology blog for NABT.

Kim you are truly an inspiration to all teachers. Your dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge and unconditional willingness to share your expertise are an example to all teachers. You seem to have written the book on mentoring and on helping others. Hopefully others will follow your example. Congratulations and thank you!

Patti Nolan Bertino

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  • rheyden says:

    Congratulations, Kim!! You have been a model of the generous spirit that makes teaching such a nobel profession. We all appreciate you very much.

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