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kbrown2When teachers go online, one of the things that they are looking for is great resources for teaching.  If each teacher were to find just one of their favorite resources that they always point their students towards, then together we could amass an amazing list of great teaching tools that we can all untilize.  I think that with a list of great sites to visit we might all be a little more enthusiastic to teach with these new ideas and experiences for our students.  I think we can use a blog to explore sites and tools especially in areas that our students struggle. 

I will start with just two.  There are some great annotated web links that help our students understand concepts.  Go to and look at the organized list of animations that Lone Star College has put together.  This would take some time and my students love to look at these animations from across the web. 

The second site is the Genetics Education Center at Kansas University Medical Center.  Debra Collins has been updating this site for years and it is a great source for all things Genetic.

Check these out.  If you have not visited them, do so and share some of your own.

I hope you are all having a great start to your year.


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