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gresga1ckwjrlw5uqyz3uhobmcevn9_hsn2wav-khdu_I came to NABT through my interaction with the Biology Teachers Association of New Jersey (BTANJ). I came to the BTANJ by virtue of being a biology teacher wanting to get involved in my profession.  I came to the “biology” part of biology teacher by finding the study of life so amazingly worthy of sharing.  I came to the teacher part by deciding to escape the words monotonous, mind numbing and humdrum to describe my career. I am sure many teachers can affirm that thrilling, stimulating and every descriptor but boring portray a career in the classroom.  That has been my path.
Nineteen sixty seven was the year my official classroom adventures began in Baltimore (Egad! Where has the time gone?) One year later I returned to my home state of New Jersey where I have been thoroughly immersed and seemingly unable to extricate myself from school-ventures despite retirement in two thousand and seven.
For those who are curious, I have been called Bunny since I was three months old having been born in the Spring when those chocolate critters, fixed in cellophane wraps, nested in pastel baskets awaited high spirited children in those places that I call family.  Legally I am Marion, having been named after my father when I was born. He was then a tail gunner, shot down and missing in action, during World War II. I was called Marion for three months till his safe return home when my mother recalled a nurse saying “she’s cute as a Bunny” and so the name stuck.
I have been enthralled with our annual conference since a supportive supervisor provided the substitute coverage for me to register and attend.  That fortuitous decision paved the way to my personal recognition of the array of opportunities awaiting those who attend and then dive into PD involvement with NABT. No matter where, when, how, or with whom I traveled to conference, the excitement and energy of the participants, their creativity and willingness to share strategies, the welcoming professionalism, and the lure of being so fully “bio,” permeated to my genomic and no doubt even epigenomic levels.  I welcome you to “Get Connected, Stay Connected” and “Grow in Connectedness” with that professional development association that we call the NABT.
In the time leading up to our 2009 Denver Conference, let me introduce you to the NABT I know.   I look to “blog” about the rich history/herstory that has unfolded. As I assume the role of President shortly thereafter, we can anticipate knowing more about our roots. When we find each other face-to-face in November, we can start to make a bit of NABT chronicle ourselves! Till the next time I blog, your challenge is to figure out this acronym, WSCES4T.  Hint:  It happens in Denver in November.

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