animotoHere’s a web 2.0 tool that could bring some fun into your classroom.  Animoto is an online music-video creation application.  Go to their site, sign up (it’s free), and you can create a short (30 second) music video, using your own digital photos and a song from the animoto library, that can be emailed, downloaded, linked to, or embedded in a web site.

Right now they have a mother’s day special going on.  The animoto creation you make is sent inside a lovely flash-based mother’s day graphic (hard to explain, but it’s pretty). I just put an animoto together for my mom (who, at 70 years old, has completely immersed herself in email and the web – go MOM!) and it was a lot of fun.  Once I found the digital photos I wanted, it only took me about 15 minutes to put it together.  It’s a way to send something nice to your Mom while brushing up on your web 2.0 skills.

Animoto would be a useful tool to consider for student projects (maybe a fun end-of-the-year sort of thing?).  It’s good for setting a mood and giving a content “impression”.  Not so good for presenting a complex topic or a linear progression.  Here are a few biology animotos that might be fun to create… a series of biodiversity animotos?  Or an animoto for each biome?  Animotos of a local nature area?  Student pets?  Gardens?  Your classroom?  Would love to hear your ideas and see what you create.

Here’s a link to one that I put together on Charles Darwin.

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  • Patsye says:

    I can see using an animoto as a bellringer or an evaluation. Put together some pictures about the current topic and have the kids explain the connection. It would make a nice segue from one topic to the next, too – a couple of pictures from the old and then several from the new.

  • rheyden says:

    Hi Patsye – Good thinking. Animoto = Bell Ringer. Nice. I particularly like your idea of using an animoto as a segue from one topic to the next (helping to make connections) – that could be very powerful. And maybe, at key junctures in the year, students could put together thematic animoto?. For instance, an animoto constructed of images showing various examples of evolution or the cellular basis of life or homeostasis. The animoto site allows you to go back and edit existing animotos so students could add to the collection throughout the year.

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