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This Friday, May 8, the members of Darwin Facebook Group and Reading Odyssey are hosting a free online lecture on the flu virus.

The speakers are:
·         Professor Derek Smith, Professor of Infections Disease, Cambridge University, advisor to the World Health Organization, and a leading specialist on the flu virus. More information on Professor Smith can be found at: and

·         Jonathan Yewdell, MD, PhD, Laboratory Head, Laboratory of Viral Disease, National Institutes of Health, and an international expert on the flu virus and a well respected leader in science education.

·         Dr. Tallman, Cleveland Clinic. Featured in the media this week, Dr. Tallman will be able to answer questions from attendees about the medical and clinical aspects of this swine flu outbreak.


This webinar is made possible by the following sponsors: Citrix Online, The Cleveland Clinic, Constant Contact, Life Technologies, Scientific American.

For more information and registration of this free webinar, please visit: .

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