Spring Activities Are Heating Up

I've found a new home!

I've found a new home!

All of a sudden we are starting to pay attention to living things in the world around us instead of the just the weather extremes.  So much happens in the world of biology this time of year it is really difficult to pay attention to everything at once.  In the classroom however, the feeling seems to be that the year is winding down.  The “State Tests” are either over or almost over (this is the main indicator of the end of the year for some curriculum directors, some administrators and even some teachers unfortunately,) AP tests are imminent,  and lots of students have decided that the school year really ended after the Winter holidays.  It always felt like the end (of the school year,) was just around the corner and the excitement of learning about the living world was quickly fading away.  STOP!  CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE!!  Either stay excited about the emerging life around you or get excited.  We have been telling our students all about how wonderful the biological world really is—-well, here it comes!  (At least in the northern part of the country.)  This is the pay-off for establishing all that understanding of how the natural world operates.  For discussing all the cycles and interactions and systems.  Get your students’ heads wrapped around the intricacies of life by watching it hatch, emerge, blossom, grow, sing, court, build, expand and multiply.  Plant some seeds, set up some nest boxes, record some songs (bird, frog, insect……,) photograph (buds, birds, bugs,  and babies,) count (eggs, salamanders, butterflies,  and fish,) and observe.  This is the time of the year when biology is exploding.  Open your windows if you can.  Take your classes into the biological world that is showing all those concepts you explained, all those systems you outlined, all those processes you explored.  The exponential acceleration of the biochemistry of the cell is happening in the house wren’s nesting, and singing and mating and hatching and feeding and rearing and teaching and fledging.  The year isn’t winding down, it is being reborn.  This is the payoff time for all your hard work explaining how biology works. Stop for a second, take a deep breath.  Reap the rewards of being the teacher that opened the living world to yet another group of youngsters.  Biology is the study of life, so go ahead and study it!picture-001_2_24

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