As the Worm Turns….


I miss Charlie Drewes, invertebrate biologist from ISU.  I miss his humor and his dedication to helping biology teachers become better biologists.  Charlie left us too soon but much of this work is still available on his web site.  Check it out.  There is a huge resource of ideas for the classroom on this site.  The worm image introducing this post is from that web site.   Charlie hosted summer workshops and made numerous presentations at NABT popularizing the use of invertebrates in biology.   Lumbriculus variegatus was most often the focus of his presentations.  Charlie would have gotten a big kick out of this recent news.

One of the first times I saw Charlie’s work was at the Phoenix NABT convention where Charlie was presenting the lumbriculus (blackworms) as an alternative organism to planaria  for investigating regeneration—I don’t think this is the kind of worm splitting we were talking about that day. ;-)

Photo:  Brad Williamson, aka--ksbioteacherBrad Williamson

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  • Patsye says:

    Charlie WOULD be amused, I think! I brought worms home from an NABT conference compliments of Charlie, and my students were amazed at how easy they were to culture and keep around. (They never replaced my mealworms and roly polys though.) He loved to share his ideas, like all great teachers.

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