A New Meeting Place for Biology Teachers

Welcome to the newly launched NABT BioBlog–a meeting place in for biology teachers,  a place to share ideas, methods, experiences, and hopes about teaching biology.  This blog is a multiple author blog modeled after the successful KABT BioBlog of the Kansas Association of Biology Teachers.  I’ve asked/recruited a number of distinguished biology teachers to be a part of the beginning of this NABT blog.   These teachers/biologists/authors share a passion for biology and students.  Each will introduce themselves as they make a first post to the blog.  Blogs work when posting is frequent and relevant.  To that end our authors have committed to contributing on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  That commitment along with the diverisity of authors should assure a quality, go-to resource for the biology teaching community.  We are starting with a small group of authors and will bring a few more on but if you or someone you know wants to have a presence here, shoot me an email and we’ll see what can be worked out.  Feel free to comment–that is the other thing that helps a blog develop into a community.

As you can see this community is already up and posting and commenting—please feel free to come on board.

As far as rules on this blog….

I didn’t like explicit “rules” in my classroom so we will try that here as well.  NABT is a professional society and as such we expect professional posting and comments here on this blog–just common sense.  Since one of the primary goals for this site is to serve as a resource for biology teachers we certainly do not want anything on the blog that would not allow a biology teacher to access this blog from school.  So keep that in mind–your posts and comments should pass school filters.  We don’t want this blog blocked by school IT departments like some group blogs are.  Partly for that reason I’m requiring that commenters register as subscribers to the site before they can comment.

Again–welcome to the journey.

Brad Williamson

Photo:  Brad Williamson, aka--ksbioteacher

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