Word Cloud 101

Here is a really fast, really easy, really handy web tool. is a web application that can be used in any class for lots of student interest generation. The application is really simple–> go to the web site–, select “Create”  type or paste a text selection.  I tend to copy and paste text that I am trying to highlight or call attention to (notice the Word Cloud in this posting.) picture-11 Then hit “Go” and Wordle creates a Word Cloud of the words you pasted-in or typed in.  You can customize the look of the Word Cloud, or you can have Wordle create a random look. You are almost finished now.  If you like what you (or Wordle,) has created then you can post it in Wordle’s Gallery, or you can capture the image that is created.  I tend to capture the Word Cloud and save it as a jpg image on my desktop. Once I save the Word cloud I can paste it anywhere I want to. Now here is where this discussion becomes interesting…..

What can you do with a Word Cloud?

Think about it.

  • Give a reading assignment and when your students come in the next day hand out a Word Cloud of the section’s intro.  Or create one with the key terms from the reading.
  • Create a Word Cloud of the key concepts from a new unit as an introduction.
  • How about using a Word Cloud as a unit review?
  • Create a Word Cloud as a preview of what your students will see on an upcoming field trip.
  • Assign students to create a Word Cloud that represents a laboratory they just completed.
  • Or …………….  Let us know what you can think of.  Add a comment with your great ideas for using  Word Clouds in your classes.


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