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Rich Benz (and friend) G’day all.
I thought a little intro might help everyone get to know me.  Currently I am the Lake County Science Specialist at the Lake County Educational Service Center (another name for our county board of education.) Lake County is in Northern Ohio about 15 miles east of Cleveland, along Lake Erie. This is my third year as the “County Science Specialist.” Prior to this I was the Science Department Chairman and taught biology for 34 years at Wickliffe High School (also in Lake County.) I taught general bio, Honors Bio, AP Biology, Biology 2, Photography and many years ago Earth Science. I am the author of the NSTA Press book, Ecology and Evolution; Islands of Change, and wrote the on-line student lessons and laboratories for the PBS Evolution Series web site. In addition, I wrote the teacher’s guide for the IMAX movie Galapagos. I also helped to write the current State of Ohio Science Education Standards and was on the advisory board for the State Curriculum Lessons. I have traveled far and near spreading the word about biology having taught teacher workshops throughout Ohio, around the country, and internationally in South Africa, Great Britain, and Australia. I have visited and led trips for teachers to the Galapagos Islands. I have presented at both state-level and national conferences on topics ranging from biotechnology, genetics, evolution, and using technology in education. My most current project has been to help with the science programming of the newly constructed Lake Metroparks Environmental Learning Center.


I enjoy fly-fishing, photography, technology in general, and wandering along trails and in streams. I live in Concord with my wife Betsy and my naturalist cat Fitzroy. I have two step daughters, one a genetics counselor at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in Manhattan, and the other that is currently living and working and raising my granddaughter, Maddie, in Bethlehem, Pa.


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